With an educational background in humanities and economy, (Sciences Po, Ecofi), David Nitlich presides and co-manages centdregrés since its creation with Elie Papiernik. A hybrid thinker, constantly searching, and a believer in following the road less travelled, he does not stand for injustice or conservatism. His driving forces: novelty, questioning stereotypes, improbable encounters, debates and standing up for humanistic values. He is first and foremost an entrepreneur that brings to life ideas and concepts. Initiating and accompanying change, he sees a crisis as an accelerator; a chance to recreate a blank canvas and to side-step existing models of production and thought. This allows to reevaluate the balance and relationships between different elements, and establishing fluidity and hope. Keeping in line with the religious proverb “One is not born a man, one becomes a man”.



With a degree from the French Ecole Nationale Supérieur de Création Industrielle (national industrial creation graduate school), Elie Papiernik manages creation at centdegrés since its conception with David Nitlich. Entrepreneur by birth, he uses his profession to make ideas realities, help brands and company’s evolve along with the people part of them. Convinced that the most beautiful projects are those built by the collective whole, he believes in the multifaceted value of hybrid teams working towards a common yet ambitious objective. A man of style, he also believes that defining a sense and purpose is the first task to tackle on any project. Passionate about industry, he continuously collaborates on the technical front in order to help foster and develop what works. Fascinated by the world and the myriad of rich cultures in it, he loves traveling to meet clients and to search for the confrontation of fertile ideas that make for original projects.

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