The first edition of the Think Far Do Well Club was focused on China. So when the Club left its Parisian location to travel for the first time, it naturally took place in Shanghai for its first Chinese take over! The city is at the heart of the decision making in term of innovations in the perfume industry was the perfect emplacement to share ideas on next fragrances trends. For this special occasion, Elie Papiernik and Matthieu Rochette-Schneider welcomed their friends and partners in XinTianDi, the fast developing area of the city. They had on their sides Luc Berriet (Firmenich), Bryan Ding (Boitown) and John Han (Scent Library) who animated the event together and gathered creativity and interactions! With a first successful contact with China, the next rendez-vous had to be taken quick: The Think Far Do Well Club will be back to Shanghai in May!