03.09.2017 EXPERT PERSPECTIVES AND THOUGHTS ON BRAND IDENTITY 9h15 – 9h45 Elie Papiernik Brand identity is not summarized by the simple image that it puts forward. We are sensitive to all of the signs that a brand transmits with all 5 of our senses. Image is obvious, but it also includes smell, touch, taste and sound. These are essential sensory tools to our analysis, whether they are conscious or unconscious. 9h45 – 10h15 Michaël Boumendil For a brand, music is not an additional option. All brands use musical means to decorate their external communication. Managing a brand’s musical expression means first and foremost being able to answer the question: ‘’What is the difference between my musical expression and that of other brands?’’. Succeeding at this task demands a certain level of skill and know-how, but it is definitely worth the effort and time. 10h15 – 10h45 Case study and mini workshop with the public: THE TRANSFORMATIVE/SUBLIMATING POWER OF SOUND.